LANDVESTNG is a Real Estate Business Investment Plan offered by Resau Citation Investment Ltd which allows individuals with Minimal and Maximal Capital Invest in the Real Estate Sector and Earn viable interest on their Investment. It is a well known fact that Landed Properties appreciates over time and most times the cost of acquiring Landed Properties are expensive and not all individuals are financially capable to acquire or Invest in most properties.

Our company have identified some Real Estate Investment opportunities which guarantees Return on Investment and we have broken down the Investmemt Cost so that people with minimal financial capital can also Invest and Earn . Our Investment plans gives you a share of acquired property which yeild interest over a period of time. For Financial Capital Guarantee, our company Resau Citation Investment Ltd has raised a backup capital of Two Hundred and Fifty Million Naira.


We offer a 3-6 Months Real Estate Investment plan.

We offer a 21% ROI for 3 Months Investment plan and 45% for 6 Months Investment plan.

The Investment is #100,000 Naira per Unit.

All capital are Invested in the Real Estate Sector.

For Investment Security and Financial Guarantee, our Company will issue a postdated cheque of not more than 3/6 months to the Investor on the day Financial Investment is made.